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History of Organization:
Prof. Dr. Sharique ZafarThe Holistic Health Care & Research Organization (HHCRO) is established by Prof. Dr. Sharique Zafar, founder and President of organization, who belongs to a well known and respected family of Peerzadas of Ambehta in Saharanpur district of northern India. This family descends from Hazrat Shah Abul Ma’ali (1552–1615), a great spiritual Sufi saint of that time.

Fund Committee certificate awarded to Shah Moulvi Mohammad Arif By President’s ancestors have always been very generous for spiritual, social and educational upliftment of the society. Shah Moulvi Mohammad Arif (from 8th descendent family of Hazrat Shah Abul Ma’ali) was a spiritual person and great philanthropist of his region. He had good relations with Sir Syed, and he donated and collected large funds for the establishment of Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental College, that is now Aligarh Muslim University, as one of the biggest residential institution in India. Shah Arif’s son was Shah Khaleel Ahmed who worked as sub overseer in different regions of India during early 19th century. He was a great adventurist, wildlife and nature lover person.

Shah Khaleel AhmedShah Khaleel had acquired good traditional knowledge of herbs and also processing of formulations, and he used to treat many patients in his own traditional way. This knowledge was transferred to his grandson, Shah Muzaffar Islam (Dr. Sharique’s father), as he accompanied him on jungle visits and used to see many medicinal herbs and plants on the way. Shah Muzaffar Islam is a Unani physician having extraordinary skill of Kushta making and classical Unani pharmaceutical techniques.

Shah Muzaffar Islam in his Dr. Sharique inherently learnt the techniques and knowledge of herbs from his childhood. This interest stimulated him to go for a Unani graduation course and later M.D. in Unani Medicine. Afterward during his teaching career he has got Ph.D. degree in Ayurveda also. In 2003 he established this organization for the health care and research services

Aims and Objectives of Organization:

1. General motto is the prevention of diseases and maintenance of health in India and abroad.
2. Propagation and development of holistic traditional /alternative systems of medicine in India and abroad through media and by conducting National and International Seminars / Symposia / conferences and Workshops etc.
3. To organize health awareness programmes for common people and to publish and distribute literature for the same.
4. To improve social health status through counseling programmes in India and abroad.
5. To improve general health status and to control population by the methodology of alternative healing systems like Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, Tibetan medicine, Chinese medicine and allied disciplines.
6. To conduct mother and child care programmes and research in this field.
7. To improve medical care facilities among rural and urban slum population.
8. To organize programmes and schemes for physical and psychological rehabilitation.
9. To extend help to the handicapped, blind, deaf and dumb.
10. To organize blood donations camps.
11. To promote the use of natural things in daily life- style routine.
12. To improve nutritional status among the poor.
13. To organize exhibitions related to health and beauty problems and their natural holistic remedies.
14. To undertake literary, experimental or clinical research projects under Govt. of India and also in collaboration with foreign organizations to develop the pharmacotherapy and management of major health hazards and complicated ailments like AIDS, Hepatitis, Cancer, Hemophilia, Thalassaemia and other such diseases and to establish the potential of holistic traditional health care systems in the world.
15. To revive ancient holistic traditional wisdom of healing through collection, preservation, translation, research, publication and distribution of literature in the form of journals, Books, Video tapes, CD’s etc.
16. To set up libraries of traditional / alternative systems of healing in India and also extend collaboration with other foreign organizations for the same.
17. To undertake comprehensive fact finding survey of medicinal plants flora of different regions of India and abroad.
18. To organize educational excursions in search of effective and rare medicinal and aromatic plants.
19. To collect photographs and produce video tapes, CD’s on medicinal aromatic plants to enhance the knowledge of identification among the students of Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and other allied systems of medicine.
20. Conservation, cultivation, research, propagation and distribution of medicinal and aromatic plants.
21. To promote public interest and extend guidance to them for growing the medicinal plants used as home remedies.
22. Population control and conservation of environment through natural means.
23. To improve and standardize pharmaceutical methods used in traditional /alternative healing systems of India and abroad.
24. To organize Training courses on various aspects of Holistic traditional systems of medicine.
25. To conduct courses on holistic traditional systems like Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, Tibetan medicine, Chinese Herbal medicine and other allied disciplines for the benefit of India and Foreign nationals.
26. To interact and collaborate with other organizations of the world engaged in holistic health care and research work.
27. To provide consultancy services to already existing /to be started traditional holistic healing centers in India and Abroad.
28. To organize /help institutions to organize Human Resource Development programmes to ensure continuous supply of technical man-power like physicians and therapist at the centers existing or to be commenced in India and abroad providing the health care facilities through holistic / traditional systems of healing.
29. To enter into agreement with individual or institutions; desirous of having the facilities of holistic traditional healing systems, wherein our organization/Trust will provide all the technical services and know-how required for the establishment or smooth functioning of the centre on a cost plus basis.
30. To assist / take-over any institution, society or trust with all its properties, assets, records, and accounts and merge the same with this organization.
31. To accept deposits and receive (or make) gifts, donations and charities discount (or) cash from (or) to any person, institutions, companies, organization (or) Trust etc.
32. To provide effective and safe Ayurveda / Unani medicines, cosmetics and health foods through our sister concern company “Orris Naturals”.
33. To establish holistic traditional healing centers in India and abroad in the benefit of global health.
34. To establish Institutions / colleges of Ayurveda, Unani, Homoeopathy, Siddha, Naturopathy, and other allied disciplines.
35. To do all (or) everything lawful, which ought and may be incidental and conducive to carry out all (or) any of the objects of the organization.

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